Monday, November 25, 2013

Numb, Yet Never Heartless

An unfeeling heart
Is of my possession;
Some may call it tragic,
But I treasure its solitude.
A distrusting heart
Beats within my chest;
Some may deem it foolish,
But I cherish its safety.
A heart unable to love
Is what I hold dearest.
For a heart which cannot love
Is a heart which cannot break.
And yet,
Do not deem me heartless,
For I lack it not.
A bitter gust of wind froze it in time.
Un-beating, yet intact.
It neither alters nor stirs,
But just remains rigid.
Only he can change this.
Him, whose scent I have yet to breathe.
Him, whose strength I have yet to feel.
Him, whose face I have yet to discover.
He alone can shatter such steadfast ice,
And thus release a pounding heart.
A heart 
Which will feel that which it has withheld.
Do not deem me heartless.
Deem me numb, 
Yet never heartless.

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