Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The presence of him raptures my every nerve. 
Infinite is the freedom his essence emits. 
By his side, even the most arduous of feats is possible. 

He eases my soul, my heart, my being. 

My mundane routine evaporates with him. Endless thrills lurk behind each corner in his company. Never a dull instant or cumbersome hour. His incandescent fire illuminates the darkness within.

We discover lengths of new worlds together. No distance is too great for us to explore. On the contrary, the greater the distance, the more exhilarating our journey.

Glimmering Mediterranean coastlines crystallize before us. We bask on cotton-soft sand underneath the radiant sun. The tender breeze caresses my skin as we both disregard the tedious lives we left behind.

Endless lavender fields infest us with their ageless aroma. The purple hues soothe my restless soul while intensifying my passion for him.

Tropical rain-forests swarm our heightened senses. The emerald greenery fascinates my unbelieving eyes. Such vivid, bright flora is unreal. The scenery radiates colors in every direction.

Aegean landscapes of blue waters and white houses greet our spirits. Never had I seen a more striking contrast than between the white structures and the sapphire sea which borders them. We prance to the rhythmic melody heard above the splashing waves.


No other term can encompass the feeling he gives me. That sensation of dark skies clearing to give way to cloudless heavens. That absolute sense of completeness.That rapture I feel at his mere existence.

Without him, my days are lengthy.

Without him, I am but a shadow of my better self.

Without him, I cease to exist.

No one understands my love, nor do I expect them to comprehend. 

No man could hold my heart captive the way he manages.

No being can see him except for me.

For he, my captor, has only one name...