Sunday, August 11, 2013


You might not seek it, yet it will find you.

Your MUSE.

A certain dream which refuses to die despite time. A burning passion impossible to ignore. Despite past failures, past disappointments, past frustrations, the dream lingers within your subconscious.

This dream is relentless.

The dream may be anything. Anything at all.

An opportunity.
A trip.
An experience.
A true love.
A career.
A prize.
A move.
A grand friendship.

Anything at all.

Never allow others to ridicule your MUSE. Whoever scorns your aspirations does not possess the gallantry to pursue theirs. For, make no mistake about it. Those who disdain your dreams have ambitions of their own. Those who succumb before the first challenge lack determination to pursue their dreams’ completions. Those who conform to live in mediocrity are cowards.  

Brave is the person who dreams.
Brave is the person who aspires.
Brave is the person who desires.

Their MUSES are relentless.
Their MUSES make them brave.

Being dismissed as a dreamer is no insult.
It is an honor.
Dreamers have accomplished the paramount achievements of mankind.

If you are regarded as a dreamer, know in your heart you are a future achiever.

My MUSE is relentless.
My MUSE makes me brave.

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